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“Southern” Green Beans

I know this may have been common knowledge to everybody but me – but did you know that you can look at Harris Teeter’s website and see the specials?!  It’s amazing!  I saw that green beans were on sale this week so I planned ahead and made the menu accordingly.  I found this awesome green beans recipe and decided I would make enough to last a few days.  The only modification I made was that I used turkey bacon instead of the real stuff, and it came out delicious!

I originally thought that I needed to dice up to potatoes to really small little cubes so that they wouldn’t end up undercooked, but that didn’t happen at all.  In fact, the potatoes cooked more quickly than the green beans did.  Is that normal?  By the time the green beans were finally ready, the potatoes were just beginning to get mushy… I’ll have to fix that next time.  Other than that, the recipe was super easy, delicious, and a total keeper!  Yay for yummy side dishes!

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