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Garbage Asparagus Soup

Great name for a soup, no?  It’s a twist on what my Dad used to call his garbage omelette. On Saturday mornings, my parents would usually take turns making breakfasts.  Dad’s specialties included french toast and his famous garbage omelette.  Anything that was leftover in the fridge would usually make it into the skillet, and it was awesome.

I had some asparagus in the fridge for a recipe I hadn’t gotten around to making and for some reason, soup just sounded better today.  I threw the asparagus into a pot and covered it with the leftover chicken broth from the green beans recipe I made the other day.  Meanwhile, I sauteed some onions and garlic in a pan until the onions were clear and then threw them into the pot.  Once the asparagus was tender enough, I used my trusty hand blender to puree it into a smooth consistency.  I had just a bit of heavy cream leftover from my attempt at the mushroom sage sauce, so I added it to get the creaminess that I wanted.

I love smooth soups, but I like when there’s just a little something added.  I had some turkey bacon and mushrooms leftover from the weekend brunch that sounded like the perfect addition.  I cooked those up and added them into the mix.

Have I mentioned that I wasn’t using a recipe?  Nothing to adopt or look off of, and it rocked.  ROCKED!  Ian said I could make this every week if I wanted to 🙂

Long live the garbage asparagus soup!

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