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Beans and Corn Salad

Beans, beans, the magical fruit…  we’ve been trying to incorporate more of them into our diet.  The problem is that I hate having to soak them for hours and it requires more foresight than I usually care to have.  To solve this problem I’ve been cheating and buying canned beans.  I stick them in a pot with some water and a bay leaf and warm it up that way.  It just gets old constantly serving beans in such a bland manner…  Thankfully, there’s this great tool called the internet with billions of solutions!  I searched my fail-safe site and found a promising recipe.

I’m infamous for buying fresh produce and then not using it before it spoils.  Fresh herbs are often a victim of this habit.  Determined not to let that happen with this recipe, I decided to try cilantro in a tube.  One good thing to know is that one of these tubes yields about 1/2 cup of “blend.”

What I loved most about this recipe was that it didn’t require any cooking.  All I needed was a cutting board and a bowl.  I made it ahead of time and then threw it in the fridge to mingle.  It wasn’t too spicy and it had a nice combination of flavors.

I haven’t been having luck making brown rice (more on this later) so I just had the salad on its own with a tuna salad sandwich for lunch.

Very easy and light.  I have a feeling this will become a regular on our summer menu!

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