Welcome to Apicius’ Apprentice!

My name is Rocío and this is my blog about learning how to cook.

This blog began as a class project in early September 2010.  The assignment was meant to push us from simply being viewers online, to becoming creators.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to chronicle my experiences in the kitchen.  It was an opportunity to combine two things I love (food + photography) and to share my path to learning about both.

My culinary influences are as confused as my upbringing.  I am the daughter of a Spanish mother and an American father.  The majority of my pre-college years were spent in Brazil with a prelude in Maryland and Mexico, and an intermission in Virginia.  I ended up graduating high school in Brazil and then moving to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University.  While I was in college, my parents moved to Seoul, Korea and during my second year, I had the opportunity to take a quarter off to visit them.  As a result of these experiences, I have a profound love of Spanish, Brazilian, and Korean food.

After I finished my bachelor’s degree, I moved to North Carolina with mi pelirojo (a.k.a. Ian).  He finished Grad School and then we got married!  In July 2010, we moved from Durham to Raleigh and have been loving the adventure.  The vast range of culinary treasures in this area continues to astound me.  It is such a wonderful place to learn about food and the different ways you can manipulate basic ingredients.

Together with my family, friends, and fellow food bloggers, I hope to get as much out of this experience as possible.  It may have started as a project, but it is undoubtedly become a delicious hobby!

If you have any questions/recommendations/comments – email me!  You can contact me at:


  1. Hey…I just put you on my bloglist…thanks for putting me on yours 🙂

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Hey Heidi! I really enjoy your blog, so thank you for the beautifully written posts. Also, thank you for the add! 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to following yours. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Hi Ericka,
      I really enjoy stopping by your blog! I’m excited to see what tasty recipes you will post into 2011. Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. Sorry to comment here but I don’t have your e-mail address – just wanted to thank you for your kind comment this morning at my blog, http://www.thearmymom.com – and suggest that if you aren’t already, that you consider becoming a member of the NC Museum of Art. For just a little more than the cost of the Rockwell exhibit, you can become a member (there were four of us so I paid $125 for the Patron level membership) and enjoy discounts at the restaurant and the gift shop (10%) plus get tickets to future events (at Patron level, 4 adults are free!) Any way, I hope you enjoy the exhibit as much as we did. The inscription that Rockwell left on a painting he gave Walt Disney made me cry! I won’t share it with you – I want you to be surprised and enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂

    The Angus Barn was SUCH a disappointment! My steak was SOOO overcooked it crumbled/flaked away under the pressure of my knife – the second time it was delivered, it looked like jell-O inside, totally rare! My husband’s steak was brought rare both times (ordered medium) and my friend’s steak was rare and then brought rare again (ordered medium-well) – my husband’s broccoli side was so cold, butter wouldn’t melt over it! The whole meal was a disaster, and sadly, the service wasn’t much better. The manager did her best and I am enjoying the goodies she sent me home with – I also shared them with my friend who says the Angus Barn crock candle I gave her smells great! I’m sorry you had the same experience… but sadly, I’m not surprised.

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog – I hope you know how much I enjoy reading yours!

    Best always,


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