Orange Bundt Cake (aka taking the training wheels off for a bit…)

This semester’s schedule has been considerably more demanding on my time than I had expected.  As a result, the allotment of time that I set aside for cooking experiments has been drastically reduced.  Can you tell?  Yes… I’m sure you can.

I’ve fallen into a rut with regards to my sense of culinary adventure and my methodology for generating a menu has been based solely on the simplicity of the dish.  As a result, the dishes have been modest (not in a good way) and unappetizing.  My taste buds are bored and I feel like I’ve plateaued at this stage in the game.  I really need to shake myself out of this!

Over the weekend, I took a step towards trying to climb out of this rut.  I decided to crack open Lewis & Poliafito’s Baked Explorations.  Now let me start out by saying that most of the desserts in this cookbook scare the shit out of me.  Almost every single recipe seemed so far beyond my level of experience that it is downright daunting.  Between the perceived level of difficulty, the lack of the necessary tools to compose the recipe, and the shortage of many of the ingredients, I was able to flip past 98% of the recipes.  I ultimately decided upon the olive oil orange bundt cake.

This recipe is one of the first on this site to get a medium level designation (as opposed to my many, many, many easy ones).  What about this recipe earned its pump in the rankings?  Funny you should ask!  Let me explain 😉

Throughout several points in the making of this cake, I had to scream urgently for the pelirojo.  I needed an extra pair of hands, and luckily he was around to oblige.  The other thing that bumps this up to a medium level is the (and please, I beg you, don’t laugh!) beating of the egg whites.  This was my first time beating egg whites to a peak and I wasn’t sure how long this usually takes.   The longer I let the mixer run, the more it felt like too long.  I finally gave up and decided it was close enough.

Thankfully, the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing did not ruin the cake!  It turned out light and delightfully flavored.  The recipe suggests dusting the cake with powdered sugar, but I wanted to taste the cake before I added more sugar.  In my opinion, the cake was sweet enough without it.

This olive oil orange cake is perfect as a breakfast treat or as an accompaniment to your afternoon tea.  Without a doubt, it’s a keeper kind of recipe despite its medium status.  Or maybe I just need to get over it and upgrade from T-ball to coach pitch.  What do you think? 😉

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  1. It looks like you got this cake just right!

  2. I absolutely love this! I will be making it for my hubby’s birthday! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Based on your results, I’d say you did a great job! Next think you know, we’ll be witnessing the full on “chef” recipes from you! I always love a good challenge in a recipe. It’s how you learn. Now slice me off a bite of this beautiful cake!

  4. Baby steps…

    It looks like a job well done. 🙂

  5. I know how you feel with tying to schedule your creative side. LOVE the orange bundt cake…may I have a slice please 🙂

  6. Good job! Sommer is right “baby steps” but be proud of them. I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve never beat egg whites to peak, one day hehe 🙂 Your bundt cake is making me want a good slice with some black tea. Looks yummy! Don’t worry about the rut, it happens to all of us.

  7. My university halls do a brilliant olive oil and pistachio orange cake, quite similar to this I imagine! It’s so yummy, and you’re looks it too! I made a sort of bundt cake, a kuglof to be precise, but it was marbled with chocolate. I think yours with the orange looks better though 🙂

  8. I think it looks fabulous!!!!! I love the way to you write…:)

  9. Will you post the recipe, pretty please? I made the Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake from Melissa Clarke’s book, and while it was fairly tasty, I had higher expectations (mainly because of the off-the-charts olive oil ice cream I made last summer). XO! Liz

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