Guest Post over at Foodies are Fun!

Dearest readers:  I was asked to do my very first guest post!  Heidi, over are Foodies Are Fun, is putting together a series she is going to call “Foodie Follies.”  This series is going to feature the hilarious stories we all encounter in the kitchen and that only a few of us share with the world (despite the embarrassment).  Please head over to her place to read about my disastrous attempt at mama’s tortilla Española!


Hello Foodies Are Fun readers!  My name is Rocío and I blog over at Apicius’ Apprentice  about learning my way around the kitchen.  I am no stranger to cooking catastrophes, so when Heidi asked me if I had a story I could share, I immediately thought: “hmmmm… which one?”

To give you a sense of my cooking abilities, my first attempt in the kitchen involved a packet of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Muffins.  It was one of those just-add-an-egg and milk kinds of packets.  I set out to make an afternoon treat for the family but when I pulled the muffin pan out of the oven, I could tell something went terribly wrong.  The muffins had not risen, they were very dark (close to burnt), and were like little rocks.  It turned out I had forgotten to add the milk… yeah… one of only two ingredients I had to remember… genius, no?  I was in eighth grade at the time, but it pretty much set the tone for this culinary adventure I have been on ever since.

Before I get to this week’s incident, allow me to set the scene for you.  Read more…


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  1. Ye Haw!

    So glad to have You at Foodies Are Fun! If any of your readers are interested in submitting a Foodie Follies post, you can contact me at

    Again, thanks Rocio for rising to the occasion and writing a great post. I totally laughed and thought of the many similar mishaps that have befallen the cuisine in my kitchen recently!

    Your link made want to samba as well. Can’t wait to find more music by him!


  2. How exciting for you, I’ve stopped by. It was funny and kinda brings back memories of my own disasters:) Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

    • Hi Nancy!

      Thank You so much for stopping by Foodies Are Fun.

      Hope you enjoyed the post and the site. Rocio is one of my blogging heroes and it was a no brainer to ask her to be my first guest poster.


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