Chili à la Cincinnati

A few months back, my bestest gal pals put together a collection of their favorite recipes and presented it to me on my birthday.  Included in the beautiful homemade envelope was this jewel of a recipe.  I’m still not clear on what makes this a cincinnati chili (maybe it’s their known twist on chili?), but I do know that this is a dish that both the pelirojo and I enjoyed.

This chili recipe was given to me by my friend Liz.  Unlike me, she is a seasoned (haha, get it?  I made a cooking joke!  … *sigh…) cook who knows her stuff.  She’s creative, awesome, talented AND she recently started a food blog over at Food Foolery.  I’m excited to see all of her enticing recipes showcased on her site.

Have you taken a glance through the combination of spices in this beast?  The addition of the cocoa was what caught my eye.  Also, this bad boy is versatile because it can be made into a traditional chili or you can make it as a sauce.  I was craving some pasta, so I decided to try the later option.

The sauce was so rich over whole wheat spaghetti.  I’m intrigued by idea of this recipe as a soup with some beans.

An easy recipe and definitely a keeper for my binder.  Thank you for sharing this, Liz.  And I can’t wait to follow the adventure on your blog!

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  1. I’m intrigued by the addition of cocoa as well! I absolutely love love love chili of every style and sort. I’ve heard of Cincinnati chili as well, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually tried it. I think I might be giving this a go!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Your chili sounds wonderful! I like chili and pasta, mostly macaroni. My husband adds Mexican chocolate to his chili. He started doing that after making mole. You can buy the Mexican chocolate at a Mexican Mercado. It does add another layer of flavor, a little sweet.

  3. I love Cincinnati Chili! I’ve only had it once, but I feel in love at first bite. Your recipe sounds great!! Gotta try it again soon

  4. This spice mix sounds amazing 🙂

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