Maybe I just don’t like shortbread…

Months ago, I came across this recipe on Smitten Kitchen’s recipe list.  The description of the cookie was an “espresso-chocolate shortbread cookie” so instantly, my interest was peaked.  Having never attempted a shortbread recipe before, I was cautiously hopeful about how this would turn out.  I followed each step carefully according to the instructions.

After combining all of the ingredients, I spooned the batter into the plastic bag and rolled it according to the recipe.  I went through all of the prep work and placed the bag in the fridge to cool over night.  This afternoon, I pulled the batter out and cut it into the squares, pricked the squares with a fork, and put them into the oven.  Once they finished cooling, I bit into a square ready to be amazed.

But I wasn’t.  In fact, I was put off…

Both the texture of the cookie and the flavor were completely unappealing.  Sure, these little guys were cute, but ew!  I couldn’t stomach to finish even one of these.  In reviewing the footage of the game, three things came to mind that I could blame for yet another baking fail. First, maybe I messed something up.  Second, maybe the recipe was off.  And third, maybe I just don’t like shortbread.

I’m going to bet on it either being the first or last option… but who knows.  Needless to say, I won’t be trying another shortbread recipe for a while!

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  1. Hmmm…I have a couple of shortbread recipes- one is just ok- very good flavor, very crumbly texture. The other is good flavor, good texture. I could pass that one on if you’d like! I love shortbread and want everyone to love it. It’s the perfect vehicle for Nutella, but it’s very lovely on its own. 🙂 Send me an email if you’d like a recipe to try (or I’d be happy to make some for you!)

  2. Ok…this just breaks my heart because shortbread is my all0time FAVORITE! It’s always a bummer to spend time making something that you don’t enjoy.

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Yeah I was bummed. It’s hard not to get discouraged. I’m willing to try another recipe at some point. But this one… was just not appealing to me. I’m blaming it on the instant espresso mix that I used.

  3. That’s too bad about the outcome and how you felt about the end result of the shortbread. It really is a delicious and versatile cookie, but I have also had my failures.

    I hope you’ll give it another try, maybe trying another recipe.

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Oh I will. It was just off putting to look forward to biting into them and then be grossed out. But hey, failures are a part of this process! I am still a rookie after all :p

  4. I’m not the biggest shortbread fan unless it’s particularly fabulous. There just seems to be too little room for interpretation in terms of texture and taste in my experience…

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Yeah I don’t know about this. I haven’t eaten enough shortbread in my life to have something with which to compare it to. Just wasn’t impressed with this one at all.

  5. I’m not a big shortbread fan unless it’s covered in chocolate and caramel. As a stand alone, I’ll pass. They look beautiful, though! 🙂

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