Feliz Reyes (Happy Epiphany)!

We drove home yesterday to celebrate Epiphany (a much celebrated holiday in Spain, celebrated on January 6th) with my family.  Mama made a feast of tapas recipes and we exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other’s company.  We’re still home, so I’m not able to go into detail about the different dishes she made but be prepared because next Friday, I will be featuring mama’s spanish tortilla recipe on the site!

Here’s a preview of the delicious spread:

Next weekend, the decorations will come down and the holiday season will officially come to a close in our homes.  This means the collection, wrapping, and storing of mama’s many belénes (or nativity scenes) that are displayed in every corner of the house.  Years ago when we all lived at home, we would often entertain ourselves by going around and counting the collection.  At one point I remember my sister stating that there were 34 belénes on display.  I didn’t make a concerted effort to capture all of them, but I did take some pictures of the ones around the dining room, kitchen, and living room.

I hope everybody’s holiday season has wrapped up beautifully.  It’s back to the grind (and normal life) come Monday and I promise to return to a regular posting schedule.  I have missed you all and look forward to catching up on your sites!

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