Attempted Raspberry Reduction

Ever since our honeymoon in CA, I’ve been dreaming of a dessert I had there.  It was the most delicious dessert I have ever had.  Period.  The restaurant named it “like water for chocolate”.  To give you an idea of how much I loved it… we returned to the restaurant the next night just to have the dessert again.  THAT’S how good it was.  I even took a picture so that I could remember it forever.

Last week, the raspberries were on sale at Harris Teeter.  I picked up 4 little boxes so that I could attempt a raspberry reduction for the first time.  I used Emeril’s recipe because it seemed simple enough that I couldn’t screw it up.

I could tell as soon as I strained it that something was just not right.  The reduction came out a bit too watery, but it was still yummy so I didn’t care.  I think I may not have added enough raspberries?  I know what you’re thinking:  Did Rocio make that perfect looking angel food cake?  The answer is a resounding “NOPE!”  I cheated and bought a splenda made cake at Teeter.

I think I’ll try this recipe one more time before I go looking for another one.  I just really want to recreate the magic from that dessert.  I’ll let you know how it comes out next time!

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  1. I bet that restaurant would give you the recipe if you wrote a post about them… 😉

  2. The dessert looks fabulous, but then again I am a huge fan of the raspberry-chocolate combination. Keep trying, Chio.

  3. Good for you to take the initiative and try to recreate something in your own kitchen. Even though it didn’t turn out, I think that’s the only way we learn, and become more confident in our cooking abilites. Just keep on tweaking 🙂

  4. When P and I were in NOLA (of which I hope to post about soon 🙂 we had a dessert that made me do just about the same thing. We had a Krispey Kreme Bread pudding. If was TO DIE FOR…and I am not a dessert person. We loved it so much we took one with us but ended up giving it to my friend Joey who worked at our Hotel. She’s the one to recommend the restaurant, so I thought she would like it.

    I’ve done raspberry (and my favorite, Black Raspberry) reductions and love the process. There’s just something about going from fruit to decadent syrup that enthralls me.

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Black Raspberry reductions sounds to die for! I can’t wait to read all about the NOLA trip. Happy New Year, Heidi 🙂

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