Raleigh Weekday Chicken Fingers

I make a pretty decent breaded chicken, but when I saw this recipe in my new In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite cookbook, I was intrigued.  The combination of spices made me wonder 1) if it would make the fingers too sweet and 2) if it would compare to the much requested (by the pelirojo) recipe I currently make.

The original recipe calls for fresh basil (or cilantro, or parsely) and fresh garlic, but I didn’t have fresh basil on hand (I used it all in the basil cream sauce pasta).  I was also feeling too lazy to mince garlic, so dried basil and garlic was added instead.  Thankfully, this was not one of those cases where you wonder, “would it have been much better with the fresh alternative?”

The results were impressive!!  I will never make my sorry excuse for chicken fingers again.  This was infinitely more delicious, more moist, better seasoned, and just as easy as my other recipe.  I had wondered if I needed to make some sort of dipping sauce, but I’m really glad that I didn’t because these fingers were flavorful enough to stand on their own.

When I think of chicken fingers, I always think it’s appropriate to make mac-n-cheese (Annie’s brand is the stuff I really love) and a veggie side.  I served the fingers on a bed of spinach and a side of mac-n-cheese, but the flavor combination wasn’t right.  I think this would be phenomenal with basmati rice and some roasted vegetables.

Can I just say how excited I am that I’ve been on a roll?  This is another “KEEPER” recipe!

Hurray for successful adventures in the kitchen!!

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  1. Those sound delicious! I’m bookmarking them to try myself!

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