Our Vacation to Boston!

I was warned months ago:  keep the week of Fall Break open.  He was up to something… planning a secret trip as he does so well.  We were going to go away somewhere, but I was not allowed to know the destination.

Our trip began early on Wednesday morning.  We headed to the airport, and still I had no idea where we were going.  We made our way up to the security line.  The guard mentioned something about LGA, but I knew that there were 2 legs to this trip.  Where were we headed?  Once we cleared the security area, Ian asked if I wanted to know.  I looked at him as I eagerly awaited the answer… we were going to BOSTON!!!!

Neither of us had visited this amazing city, so it was really an amazing experience.  Everything from the people, to the architecture, to the food just oozed with character.  I loved every minute we spent exploring the city.  My two favorite attractions were the Museum of Fine Arts and the New England Aquarium.

I went nuts with the camera and took a picture of everything.  The cluster above are just a few of my favorite shots.  I’ll list them from left to right by rows going down.

  • The beautiful buildings that surrounded the Boston Commons.  I loved how they domed out towards the street.
  • A view of the Boston skyline at night shot from the North End.  We had dinner at a great restaurant off of Hanover St. called Villa Francesca.
  • A sign for a Facebook Burger at a local place just off of Harvard’s campus.  Cambridge was really beautiful too.
  • Picture of a barbershop selling pocket combs.  That’s right.  Pocket Combs.  I found that way too entertaining.
  • CHIPS!  Holy cow!  These were hands down the most tasty chips I have ever had!  The Landsdowne Pub (located directly across the street from Fenway Park) had a cool ambiance and super friendly staff.  But the chips were… wow…WOW!  We ordered ours with two dips: curry and gravy.  I know I must have eaten my sodium intake for 2 months, but it was so worth it 🙂
  • The New England Aquarium.  Easily one of the coolest aquariums I have ever visited.  The penguins were hilarious!
  • The gates of the Boston Commons.  The leaves were just starting to turn and the park was so lush.  It was beautiful to walk around and see the grounds.  The people watching was quite entertaining as well.
  • A local newspaper stand found around Fenway Park.  Clever name, I thought.
  • Myrtle the sea turtle.  She was the most graceful resident of the New England Aquarium.  No matter how many times she swam past you, you couldn’t help but go “wwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.”
  • Anemone with a fish.  The colors in this particular tank were breath taking.

Two meals stuck out in my mind from the trip.  The first I took the time to photograph (pictured above), the second I scarfed before I remembered to take pictures. The pot pie that we enjoyed at Kennedy‘s was easily the second best pot pie I have ever enjoyed (the first being Ian’s pot pie).  Now I’ve never visited Ireland, but Ian has and even he said this pie was delicious.  (The top right photo is of a coffee and Bailey’s – the best addition to coffee EVER.)

The second memorable meal was enjoyed at Casa Portugal in Cambridge.  Every single day we were in Boston, I heard somebody speaking Portuguese (whether Portuguese or Brazilian) and it made my heart jump.  With such a large population in the Boston area, I figured there had to be a good Portuguese restaurant in the area.  This particular restaurant was recommended to us, and it lived up to the reputation.  We started the dinner with a crisp Vinho Verde (a wine native to Portugal) and an appetizer of fava beans with chourico.  The main course was bacalhau (a cod fish based dish with onions, eggs, and potatoes).  For dessert… flan.  The result: a very very happy couple!  Easily the best meal of Boston.

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  1. Boston is one city on my list that I really want to go to! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Hey Steph!
      I think it would be hard not to LOVE Boston. I hear its especially wonderful for runners too, so I think you’d enjoy it.

  2. Hi there – glad you had such a fun trip. I went to school near Boston and I always love visiting (though I don’t go nearly often enough).

    You asked about chia seeds and goji berries – chia seeds are similar to flax seeds in terms of nutritional value. I prefer them to flax as they are more of a thickener, so perfect for smoothies. I used gojis in the green smoothie as I wanted to add something to sweeten the smoothie that was not sweet like bananas or tart like raspberries or blueberries. Gojis seemed like a good in-between – they are sweet but lowish in sugar, and have some protein. As for flavor – honestly, a green smoothie with banana tastes much better.

  3. Oops, sorry, hit submit too fast. the gojis gave the smoothie a mild somewhat berry like sweetness. My favorite basic smoothie is this one though: http://www.citylifeeats.com/2010/09/tuesday-lunchbox_21.html

    • Apicius' Apprentice

      Hey Valerie,
      Thank you so much for this information! I will have to go in search of some of these ingredients so that I can try one of your famous smoothies. I’ll let you know how it comes out!

  4. We were in Boston at the same time! Your trip looks MUCH more interesting though!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog – Love yours, and I’ll be back!

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