The Cupcake Shoppe

Ian came home with a pretty white box the other day.  Its contents were small, sweet, and delicious.

The box contained an assortment of beautiful little cupcakes.

I prefer salts to sweets (odd…I know), so in order to recommend a dessert it has to be really good.

These cupcakes were the perfect size.  They weren’t monstrously large with a foot of icing on top.  They were easy to bite into and the icing did not overpower the actual cupcake.  Included in the assortment was the red velvet cupcake, the chocolate cupcake, the lemon cupcake, and lastly the vanilla cupcake.  The red velvet was my favorite.  After scanning their online  menu, we’ll definitely go back to try the cinnamon cupcake and the carrot cupcake.

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  1. Salts instead of sweets!! Man I wish that was me!! 🙂 I’m drooling over these cupcakes

  2. Here’s my recommendation for satisfying the salty-sweet tooth. Trader Joe’s has these amazing little things called sea salt brownies that are TO DIE FOR! I don’t even really like brownies (spare me the hate mail, I know it’s weird) but these things are great. I brought some in for my cast the other night and they disappeared uber fast… but maybe actors just need the up in energy from chocolate and sugar…

    Sometimes a little salt makes it that much sweeter!

  3. I like salty more than sweet, too, but both together is what I really can’t resist. My mother recently won points with me for caramel popcorn…. WITH BACON!!!! Seriously. Can I just say again? Bacon.

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