Feature Friday: Steak Sandwich

While brainstorming ideas for this blog, I had one that I knew I wanted to do.  I wanted to find a way to feature my loved ones making meals they enjoy.  Besides the fact that it’s an excuse to get together with friends to have a glass of wine and cook a meal.  (Not to mention the learning opportunity for this apprentice!)  Therefore I have come up with Feature Fridays, that will showcase a meal that is not cooked by me.

Cutting the ribbon at this inauguration is none other than the handsome man I married!  He has been jonesing for a steak sandwich recently, so he bought the ingredients and put his soux-chef (a.k.a. yours truly) to work.  I was put in charge of cutting up the green pepper and onion and then stepped aside with the camera in hand.

He started out by searing the sirloin steak.  Once that was done, he transferred the meat to a dish and added a bit of olive oil to the frying pan.  Then, he threw in the onions, peppers, and mushrooms to saute for a bit.

While that was cooking on the stove, he made a “special” sauce (ingredients unknown –  but I did see the mayo and dijon mustard come out of the fridge) and spread it on the sub buns.

Here’s a picture of the delicious final product:

What can I say?  The man loves his steak sandwiches!

I’d like to note that I thought the sub rocked.  He, on the other hand, thinks he still hasn’t perfected the meat.  The sauteed portion was well done and seasoned, and the sauce was a nice compliment to the meat.  Next time, he wants to try a different cut of steak, and maybe take it off of the heat sooner.

As my uncle always says:  “That was pretty good.  I’ll even let you try it again!”

Thank you for the tasty meal, amor 🙂

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