Why a food blog?

It’s not that my mom didn’t teach me to cook.  She would have gladly taught me had  I ever shown any interest.  But there was always homework to do, after- school activities to participate in, and interesting conversations to be had with schoolmates online.

Much like parallel-parking and folding a bedsheet, cooking is a skill that goes unappreciated by your average teenager.  It’s an opportunity that I missed out on, and that I’ll always regret.

When I left for college, I only knew how to oven bake chicken nuggets and boil hot dogs.

I survived my first two years of college by abusing my meal plan, buying ramen noodles in bulk, and visiting my older sister as often as I could for a home cooked meal.

When I eventually moved off campus and into an apartment, I expanded my horizons.  I enjoyed trying to cook, but it was always cheaper and more time efficient to rely on quick meals such as a hastily prepared sandwich or steamed edamame.  When I did take the time to put some thought in to a meal, it would almost always flop; being too salty or bland, or just plain gross.

I’ve always been able to follow a recipe, but I can’t understand why certain things work and others don’t.  I can’t just look at a recipe and divine from the ingredients if I’m going to like it.  I don’t know which spices work together, and (worst of all) I can’t throw together a meal from scratch without a recipe.

I’ve been a faithful blog viewer for years.  I’ve enjoyed watching the successes of great and brilliant cooks through their posts and delectable photographs.  It still amazes me how they do it so effortlessly.  It is my goal to learn from them, and figure out how to make some delicious meals.

So now begins the official cataloging of my culinary successes and failures.  I will vent my frustrations and track my triumphs through this blog, and I’m  excited to get started!!

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